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The first and only website that is your guide to current attractions, restaurants, latest music and events etc.


AzadBazar.af is the biggest Online Market Place in the whole Afghanistan. Where Afghans can BUY & SELL almost everything to Each other. All services are provided for FREE for all Afghans.


Masror forum is a free information provider website, it provides free information and learnings to all people around the world.

Category: Other  
Rank Title Category Today Average Stats
#4 www.wazifa.af Afghan Job Sites 0 0.2 Stats
#5 Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan Businesses & Organizations 0 0.1 Stats
#6 Amtaa | امتعه Afghan Classifieds & Local 0 0.2 Stats
#7 Naweed Afghan Media & Entertainment 0 0 Stats
#8 AFGHAN BAZAR Afghan Classifieds & Local 0 0.1 Stats
#9 Khaama Press Afghan Media & Entertainment 0 0 Stats
#10 Ufuq Magazine (UM) Afghan Media & Entertainment 0 0 Stats